As a chef I have always been asked by family and friends, "can you cook for an event/gathering at my house?" After some convincing I did and from there, one thing lead to another and now I'm a personal chef for a list of clients that I look forward to cooking for all the time. I have prepared fine meals for many private events -- from small to quite large -- at private homes, using whatever is available in kitchen facilities in addition to special requests from client.

This has been very rewarding. The guests are so pleased and also a bit taken aback that you can indeed serve haute cuisine out of a family kitchen! Moreover, these experiences have inspired me to develop a niche in "cooking around" dietary restrictions, such as allergies. This has been an interesting challenge. Everyone at every party/event should have something to enjoy and it's fun for me to make that possible. It gives me the challenge of being creative without losing the taste appeal that a lot of allergies and restrictions can bring to the plate.

The best compliment is seeing someone actually enjoy a meal when they usually have to pick and choose. I'm proud to say that I have 20 years of extensive culinary and hospitality experience. Graduating from Johnson & Wales in 1999 with a degree in culinary arts and then with a second degree for foodservice management in 2002. I have worked at some of the finest restaurants in the Northeast and Australia including; The Regatta of Cotuit, Daniel, Oceana, Clarke Cookhouse as well as running the kitchens for Marseille, Nizza, and Monkey Magic (Sydney, AUS). That being said my favorite part of all of those experiences is that I get to bring what I know to you in your home.